Friday, January 18, 2008

the work that doesn't end

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Well, after much work and trials we decided to move on from the Shepard's Island project. This video is a little taste of the people and constant work going on daily which we decided wasn't fitting our idea of fun.  Besides, we feel like we can put our energy and skills towards something that is more in line with our hearts.

For the next few weeks we will be in the Bocas area still, helping some other friends with an addition to their house (more to come on that).  Then our plans are wide open.  We might stay in the area depending on our continuing opportunities or we might head north in pursuit of some spanish schools in Guatemala, and maybe eventually travel our way to northern Mexcio and do some Ranch work. 


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

ash and doc, originally uploaded by commoncourtesy.

Working hard down here in Panama. Maya Point is the name of the property we're working at, on Shepard's Island. Many people speak English on this coast with a very thick Caribbean accent, so my Spanish is creeping along slower than I hoped! Chicita Banana company is huge down here and anywhere you travel outside of the islands there are fields and fields full of banana trees and pesticide laden bags hanging from the fruit (yum!) There are many types of banana at Maya Point and we're learning how to eat them up fast before they get too mushy! Also learning how to make coconut rice, fry the hell out of a chicken and upon waking in the morning we shake our cloths out extra hard to get rid of scorpians! yeeehaw!

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