Saturday, December 06, 2008


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The slate is thoroughly blank right now.  I've never been so wide open and directionless in my whole life.  It's partly brilliant and partly terrifying.  Some days I want to hop on a train, other days I want to wrap an electric blanket around my heart.  It's good for me to stay in this place for a while and just wonder what happens next.  I don't usually have the luxury or give myself that opportunity.  When my compass stops spinning I'll let you know where it lands...

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Check me out on Etsy!

I've joined the land of Etsy! (Kind of like OZ for makers)

If you're not familiar with the glory that is this site, let me just educate you.  Made up of handmade and vintage, Etsy is a beautifully designed online craft fair and flea market.  From fancy handmade ties to vintage housewares, you can find really unique prints and artwork too. It also allows you to find artists near you and shop locally!  
I'm stocking up my inventory, trying to make a go of selling vintage and re-working unique pieces I find along the way.  
My sister also partakes: Ryanne's Valley Vintage

Stop by the shop, and tell your friends!