Saturday, June 25, 2005

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This is my first vlog post ever!
I just came back from being in Arizona for the spring semester at Ecosa. (Ecosa, challah!) This is one short, there may be a couple others I can squeeze from my Arizona footage.
More to follow, enjoy!


ryanne hodson said...

finally you have a videoblog
now all my siblings are doing it!
you gotta spread this to the college kids yo, we need more creatorsssssss

rock on sis.

Jay Dedman said...

so it begins.
really nice music and moments.
lets see you.

Road to Ruin said...

Verrrry nice! I loved the music, altho the scenery is very un-Greenland. So this only leaves one of us without a blog---time for me to come on board!! Good job, Ashe!!

Master Control said...

Gosh, such an entertaining vlog. I am a frequent visitor to Arizona, but you made it seem so exotic and fun.

sull said...

welcome to vlog world.
great start...
i used to live in tucson.
i miss it.

Marta Fodor said...

I finally saw this! It's awesome to see this in video after hearing so much about it, it's a really fun view into your life that I have never seen...make more of them!!