Tuesday, August 02, 2005

i went to Vermont

Finally, I can post again! I went to Vermont to visit Elissa, Andy and Emmy the little star. Their little spot in Vermont is beautiful and I'm so glad I could go up for a day or so to swim and eat raspberries.
Thanks for having me you three!


bottomunion said...

Ah, Vermont! (big sigh...)

mrmultiple2 said...

I drove through Vermont
from NYC and it was the GREENEST, LUSHEST place I had ever driven through. The hills and curves made me glad to have built hand/eye coordination from years of videogames.

Your video brought me peace of mind today.

ryanne hodson said...

nice to see andy and elissa again
their baby is so bigggggg

Des said...

that was amazingly beautiful. Vermont is one of my favorite states.

Marta Fodor said...

That baby is beautiful! and so are the parents!

Richard said...

this is a really beautiful video ... the music, the video, the story and how it all came together ... good job

El Bloom said...

Ashley, I just watched this one. It's SO BEAUTIFULLY DONE. You should do movies. I mean it.