Sunday, August 14, 2005

Just some patterns in my day.


Dr. Suzuki said...

I happen to stumble upon your blog and found it very interesting. I'm thinking of starting my own vlog too now.

ashe said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my site,
go to
that has everything you need to start a video blog!
good luck!

Laurie Bee said...

I especially loved the large numerous clumps of green leaves which actually scared me!!!! And the bricks. And the other shapes. I really, really liked this video, Ashola.
xxoo El Bee

Joy Westerman said...

your video was kind of boring and pointless, but it was cool and i really liked the flowers and fence. *yeah*

I'm Killing The Munchkins said...

sick...the chainlink pattern was awesome? that was the subway in the background, right?