Sunday, October 02, 2005

I stuggle a little bit to actually call myself an artist. I go to liberal ARTS school and I study Architecture, but I'm not an artist. I'm not a designer, but I like to imagine how things could be, which I think qualifies me as something. Honestly, it makes no difference what I am or what I study, but I get into trouble when I have to "demonstrate advanced work" for my senior year.


dskippy said...

I think anyone who does anything related to "The Arts" struggles in a very similar way. Even those who say they are artists to anyone who will listen often question it in private. I have certainly said almost exactly what you wrote to people numerous times. What am I? A technician? A contractor? A tool in somebody else's art? I think that if you create work of your own you are allowed to say you are an artist. Its really all perspective, anyways. Right?

Thanks for this vlog. Good luck putting together your portfolio.


mrmultiple2 said...



I find

that one step at a time, a mark at a time, an action, a word, a motion, a thought, a listening, an observing..... gets me there. "There" being an artwork.

Of coarse there is a construction/deconstruction and other spectrums of dualities to face while achiving a "piece" for presentation.

Nonetheless that inner dialogue always continues...

I often ask myself, "Where do I go from here?"

Reaction/Responce and again and again and again till I realize all the answers are all around like little kittens tumbling with yarn.

The "associations" are the keys.

I like what I see and hear and most importantly "feel" with your video blog.

Ashe, you have continually been creating, constructing, communicating, and distributing quality content with/on your Video Blog.

In my opinion that's a "demonstration of advanced work."

~juan carlos gonzalez
a lover of New Media/Transmedia/Expanded Media

ryanne hodson said...

i couldnt watch this video...
you need to make sure your links are the generic "download" links for archive. when ourmedia gets your media up on their site, control click the media link rather than clicking on it. copy that reference link and use that.
or else when they move your media, it gets i think whats happening right now

Dr. Suzuki said...

Actually, the link just has an extra "http" in front of it (e.g. http://http ...). I think it can be fixed by erasing that extra part in the post.

Yeah, liberal arts is quite difficult. Before I graduated, I wrote a 15-page creative story for one of my English classes and my professor told me it was crap. I got an "A" in the class anyway. Now, that I'm in a different program for my Master's, my profs actually say that I write really well. Go figure.

ashe said...

That link should work now!

ryanne hodson said...

you have the answers to your questions already. i think school just makes you think you don't know it, then you come out of school and you're like thats it? now i can go do anything i want and that last week of class where i worked my butt off means nothing. it's all a process. don't label yourself.

french/new/wave/nerd said...

i know exactly what you mean - i'm school of visual arts in nyc and insecurity is the name of the game -you just have to know when to shut up and pay attention to get your degree -then flaunt those middle fingers like they're your last. good luck. all the best.


Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Maybe you could "draw" with rulers?

Isnt architecture art?

i would rebel.

draw stick figures.

Found you via by the way

Sean said...

Uh, so what are you going to do for your project?

escorial said...

I have the same struggle every single day. Check my last vlog and see for yourself.

Grat worl by the way.


bottomunion said...

I'm guessing you wouldn't mind some constructive criticism, it needs to float around the vlogosphere more, so I'm going to become an advocate, and please, please return the favor, for everyone who reads and cares. You open with strong images, introspective music...bare bones to the core of creation...woman with a blank white space...draw it out to the end of the music, and end it with contemplation...drop those last three cuts (showing the drawings) just weakens the video...I was moved and then you dropped me. Of course, this is just the Union's perspective...Hopefully people watch before they read comments...for those who have watched, watch it again, and think about it. OUT. And Courtney, keep the productivity up.

Cuoredifango said...

same problem but just keep goin' on and this vlog is a good shot so... this is art...