Sunday, May 28, 2006

When it Pours


It's almost done, but I'm not ready. 


Dooser said...

Good luck.

Don't forget sleep.

I'm almost done too. But it's just another undergrad term.

chris weagel said...

your working knowledge of karate will be very useful during the critique.


Carl Weaver said...

Ashley - I hope you feel well rested now that you have graduated. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

i've just been watching some of your videos at home in new hampshire. it's nice to think of you. i bet graduating is surreal. i bet you feel great.
i'm working on that island this summer. i leave tuesday. i'm pumped.
if you email me your address in boston, i'd love to come visit when i get a chance.
(i assume your going to maine on your "big road trip") you could let me know when your in my area.
road trips to maine can be "shifty" so watch out.

Killer B said...

I know it's over now, but damn, that's amazing. I can't pull all-nighters ever. They make me sick like I can't explain. So I sleep and get less done. We all make compromises.

Killer B said...
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