Sunday, October 08, 2006


We stayed with Frizelle in her wonderful apartment.  Thanks Sarah, we had a fabulous time!

 We're in Minnesota now, staying with James Payne at the Franconia Sculpture park.

We head out tomorrow for South Dakota and then on to Seattle.



twit said...

Nice rack (spice-rack), but I think it's the jazz that really makes it for me >;¬]~

Cuoredifango said...

I shouldn't look this video before dinner, now I'm really hungry

ryanne hodson said...

nice to see you ladies are surviving.
oh yeah
and nice rack.

Laurie of Dad and Laurie said...

Rashley, I hope you're having some fun and not all work!
Love, Laurie

Serra said...

hey, are you guys going out to the san juan islands in your seattle leg?

NTU, Singapore said...
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