Friday, February 01, 2008

Up In the Hill, Bastimentos
This is our little casita overlooking the ocean. To the right is where we're helping to build a kitchen and bathroom addition. We're both doing a lot of child watching, hammering, dishes and playing with dogs at the moment. I've decided to not have children for another 20 years or so...
I would like to be putting more video up, but it's difficult getting enough power to edit a video. So for the moment a picture will have to do! Bastimentos is a roadless island only 15 minutes from Bocas town. Everything from groceries to building materials has to make it up a muddy path to where the casa/casita are, which can make for a sweaty, sweaty day. At night leaf cutting ants come out and you can find them by the millions carry leaves in a neat little line. sometimes there are so many ants, they sort of cut a path through the jungle 4 inches wide just from walking back and forth from different trees.
I can't believe it's February.

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