Sunday, November 02, 2008


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You've been warned.  I had some requests to see my Picc line taken out, so here it is.  And also some footage from my 5 days in the hospital (we were admitted on my birthday), and some other stuff from the 20 day treatment too.  All of the nurses I worked with were incredible.  Hospitals and clinics wouldn't function at all without their wicked hard work and love.  I couldn't have gone through that whole thing without their support, attention and concern.  Nurses are total heros.

I had a dream last night about my picc line.  It was fluttering in my heart, I could feel the whole thing running through my arm, and at some point it was taken out.  I remember the noodle of it, swaying, towards the end of my dream.  Then my dream progressed into some kind of thrift store that was actually a princess castle... only I would dream about royal thrift stores.
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