Sunday, June 26, 2005

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Yet another Arizona short. This is probably the last of the AZ series considering I don't have any footage left!
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ryanne hodson said...

i can't wait til you get a camera with sound so you can tell people about the stuff you are working on
and all that!
nice work dude.
freevlog all the way baby!
freevlog, the virutal ryan.

bottomunion said...

Never can have enough Hodsons running around
with cameras. Looking forward to seeing more.

Markus Sandy said...

wow, this is very inspiring use of grainy video - please tell me that's the camera and not a post-production effect =)

I really like your style. Good use of the music.

Welcome vlogland!

Vu Bui said...

I agree with Marcus... the horribly grainy footage really does add to the look...

Welcome! I'm impressed so far, what an awesome start you've had!

ryanne hodson said...

cool icam G2 represent!

The Faux Press said...

Welcome to the vlogosphere. You arrive highly recommended, for sure.

That tree is amazing.

ashe said...

yes, the grainy effect is my camera. It also has no sound. but soon I will have a different camera!
Thanks for watching!

Duane Kuss said...


All these wonderful comments had me so excited to see the movie... server must have been down.

I'll be back!



ashe said...

it seems that the link to the archive was bad, i think i fixed it?
good luck!

Marta Fodor said...

that elevator shot just kicks ass..