Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Casa Mila

This is the Casa Mila, by Gaudi.  Also known as 'la Padrera', or 'the quarry'

We spent our last day today at our farm outside of Sant Pere de Ribes, in Los Valles Altos.  Our boss was an expat from the UK who took off for france our second day.  She was in the process of moving so we packed up boxes and boxes of dusty books for her.  there was another french girl staying with us who could only speak french and Spanish, so in our three languages we got by pretty well.  It was quiet up there, we found some old elvis tapes and drank coffee endlessly.  Some video to come with that.

Should be home soon, though I wish I could stay forever!

love to all 


Daniel said...

that's beautiful. i've really enjoyed these posts from afar. (for more gaudi/barcelona adventure try to see antonioni's "the passenger" when you get back)

bottomunion said...

we're getting into mosaics over here,
Gaudi never wasted a thing.

Would you please burn your sister some
Calexico, because she is missing out.