Monday, February 06, 2006

typical days

Here are some moments from my time in Barcelona with Donald and the architecture kids.

The reading i included is from "how Proust can change your life".

music is Ani, i know i know, but you wouldn't have even known if i didn't say anything.

also, check out joanna's trip to barcelona (if you watch closely, kyra and i pop up in there)!


joanna said...

oh my dear ashley! so much good sights! are you at the farm now? I hope this one isn't as lame as the one that flaked on you guys. I hope you can post while you're there! enjoy!

p.s. you've got me addicted to vlogging!

ryanne hodson said...

hurray for your moments
europe rocks.

Cuoredifango said...

that's great place and I agree with ryanne

europe rock and italy more...